Music Therapy: Duran Duran

music therapy

Today is a new moon on Monday. Literally.

In celebration of that, watch this:

Writer Morgan Richter provides an excellent Duranalysis of the somewhat odd New Moon on Monday Duran Duran music video:

The video “has a fun premise and a cool look… but, yeesh, it’s riddled with mortifying, cringe-inducing, cheeseball moments that almost bring the whole production—nay, the whole Duran Duran empire—to its knees.”

And so I light my torch.

To my readers and patients, and patient readers: if you’re a sucker for ’80s music and are in need of a hearty dose of music therapy, check out my band The Roctors. We play some great hits from the era of big hair and beyond.

Quote of the day: Why do we fall?

quote of the day

“And why do we fall, Bruce?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
— Thomas Wayne to young Bruce Wayne

Note to Batman brainiacs — here’s another similar quote, from Alfred to Batman:

Why do we fall, sir?
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.
— Alfred to Batman

Both of the above quotes are from Batman Begins (2005).

Another unique dementia care facility abroad


Recently I wrote about the innovations of Dementia Village in The Netherlands. Another unique dementia care facility is Care Resort Chiang Mai in Thailand, featuring a natural prescription of trees, gardens, fishponds, and a lake. The space is designed to keep the vulnerable dementia population safe, happy and well-cared for. More here.

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Music therapy: April

music therapy

If you waited all winter for April to come, this song will lift your spirits & brain waves. The Hentchmen are from Detroit; henceforth they typically sing about cars. Here’s a raw garage rock auditory gem about April, from this album: (on vinyl or digital)

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It’s almost Doctor’s Day


From PCPs to proctologists — and all sorts of specialists in between — hurrah to all great docs.

Tomorrow is Doctor’s Day, though some say Doc’s Day is every day. My fave doctors include (but are not limited to) docs from my band The Roctors: Eric Stevens, Eric Olsen, Brent Peters, & Drake Johnson*.

*Drake isn’t a medical doc, but he slides in by a legal loophole as my fave JD.
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It’s a case of: “I always forget a face.”

brain, memory

Word of the day: prosopagnosia, also called face-blindness, is a cognitive disorder in which the person is unable to recognize familiar faces. There is no cure for the condition.

Prosopagnosics adapt by remembering non-facial cues to identify people (similar to a police-blotter) by memorizing descriptions such as height, weight, hair, voice, and other unique identifiers.

Notable prosopagnosics: neurologist/ author Oliver Sacks and artist Chuck Close. Learn more here.

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Dementia Village: a revolution in dementia care facilties

dementia, videos

“Free to live in the moment, until they take their last breath.” Dementia Village and other special places are setting new standards for dementia care: separate yet open communities with more freedom and fewer barriers, where residents lead normal, fun-filled lives. As these dementia care models expand globally, hopefully the increased competition among facilities will bring down costs elsewhere in the world. I hope the US catches on soon.

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Audible/sensory phenomena experienced by diplomats in Havana

head injury, trauma

Here’s an out of the ordinary JAMA study: US government personnel based in Havana report directional audible and sensory phenomena such as “buzzing, grinding metal, piercing squeals and humming.”

The individuals experienced no blunt head trauma, but “appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks without an associated history of head trauma.”

Hear for yourselfclick here to listen to the recordings.

Strange. Never underestimate the power of the brain. Never underestimate the power of those in power to affect the power of one’s brain.