Music Therapy: Duran Duran

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Today is a new moon on Monday. Literally.

In celebration of that, watch this:

Writer Morgan Richter provides an excellent Duranalysis of the somewhat odd New Moon on Monday Duran Duran music video:

The video “has a fun premise and a cool look… but, yeesh, it’s riddled with mortifying, cringe-inducing, cheeseball moments that almost bring the whole production—nay, the whole Duran Duran empire—to its knees.”

And so I light my torch.

To my readers and patients, and patient readers: if you’re a sucker for ’80s music and are in need of a hearty dose of music therapy, check out my band The Roctors. We play some great hits from the era of big hair and beyond.

Music therapy: April

music therapy

If you waited all winter for April to come, this song will lift your spirits & brain waves. The Hentchmen are from Detroit; henceforth they typically sing about cars. Here’s a raw garage rock auditory gem about April, from this album: (on vinyl or digital)

#TheHentchmen #GarageRock

Pi Day on the (Pi)ano

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Totally rational math nerds: have you heard? Today is National Pi Day, in honor of the somewhat odd, irrational number of Pi. That’s 3.14etc. aka π. Let’s expand our minds by entering The Matrix to enjoy the digits of Pi on the Pi(ano):


Music unlocks Alzheimer’s; Roctors unlock fans young & old

Alzheimer's disease, music therapy, videos

This video shows how music can unlock memories of those coping with Alzheimer’s:

Since 2013, I’ve been in a band called The Roctors. Our website is here; Facebook here.

You don’t need to have Alzheimer’s to enjoy one of our Roctors shows. We welcome all ages, young & old.

Rock on,
Dr. Timothy J. Allen
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

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