83,000 brain scans: lessons learned

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22 years
83,000 brain scans
from 93 countries

Lesson learned?

  • You are not stuck with the brain you have.
  • Brains can be rehabilitated.
  • You can make it better.

“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you not only change his or her life, you have the opportunity to change generations to come.” — Dr. Daniel Amen.

Amen. Aye, men.

Want to retrain your brain? Checkout Learning Rx in Fort Collins, led by Mike Winchell. He’s the Program Director. Learning Rx provides 1:1 brain training for people, ages 0-100.

When Mike’s not running the show at Learning Rx, you’ll find him fine-tuning his skills as guitarist in KD & The Painkillers*, a local band (I’m also a member).

*We’re performing this weekend at Island Grill in Fort Collins on Friday & Saturday eve. Please stop by to see our brains at work!

It’s a case of: “I always forget a face.”

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Word of the day: prosopagnosia, also called face-blindness, is a cognitive disorder in which the person is unable to recognize familiar faces. There is no cure for the condition.

Prosopagnosics adapt by remembering non-facial cues to identify people (similar to a police-blotter) by memorizing descriptions such as height, weight, hair, voice, and other unique identifiers.

Notable prosopagnosics: neurologist/ author Oliver Sacks and artist Chuck Close. Learn more here.

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