10 songs about the mind, science, and other medical mayhem

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Below is a brainy playlist. Hear the whole thing here:

1. Weird Science – Oingo Boingo
2. Despacito Biology – Evo-Devo
3. Dig – Nervous Norvis
4. Where is My Mind – The Pixies
5. Where is My Mind – Weezer
6. Read My Mind – The Killers
7. Always on My Mind – Elvis
8. Always on My Mind – Willie
9. Always on My Mind – Pet Shop Boys
10. Blinded Me with Science – Thomas Dolby

“I lobe you”

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What did parietal say to frontal? “I lobe you.” On a more serious note, it’s Valentine’s Day… the perfect time for a quick anatomy lesson on the parietal & frontal cortexes of your brain, in a nutshell.

Beneath your skull you’ll find the parietal lobe & frontal lobe of your brain — situated side by side — like ma n’ pa. Pa Parietal runs the sensory show: taste, temperature, touch. Ma Frontal’s in charge of thinking, decision making, planning, n’ such. These two parts of your brain are precious.

Protect your entire brain by wearing a bicycle helmet, wearing a motorcycle helmet, and wearing a football helmet… individually, or all at once. And rethink taking up the sport of boxing. More here.

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