Dec. 14: the gift of rock 🎶

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The gift of Dr. Eric Olsen

Ready for some music therapy?

I’ll be performing with The Roctors band on December 14th. For details, click here to view The Roctors website. See you there!

The gift of Drake Johnson

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Tonight! Box of Rocks… see you there!

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Music therapy alert: Tonight I’ll perform with the band Box of Rocks at Island Grill from 8pm ’til 12am.

Maybe, just maybe, the Box of Rocks could maybe, just maybe, play, someday at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. That’d be quite the extraordinary journey, but only if we don’t stop believin’.

Until then, Box of Rocks will settle as being little pieces of gravel in the big pond of Fort Collins.

Dr. Anthony Doing, MD

Dr. Anthony Doing Van Halen

Which artists makeup the Box of Rocks, you ask?

There’s no quick way to answer that, for no stone will be left unturned; no rock star will be forgotten.

Drake Johnson

Drake Johnson Hendrix

Madonna K. Esslinger

Dr. EFlea Stevens

Lady Liz Stevens-Gaga

Box of Rocks is an alleged potpourri of performers (some, not all) from other doctorly bands including (but not limited to):

The Roctors
Black Box Warning
KD & The Painkillers
The Pop-torts
The Liabilties
The State Board Waterboarders
Peanut Butter & JAMA Sandwich
Out of Pocket, Into Rock It
The HIPPA Hoodwinks
Tempo Mandibular
Rock Hernia
The Scrubkleptics
Sharps Container A-Go-Go
Carpe Per Diem
The Copayer Haters
Page Against the Machine
Frankie Goes AMA

Dr. Lars Olsen Ulrich

Dr. Def Olsen Leppard

So many names. So many nicknames. So many members. So many factions.

Dr. Angus B. Peters

Listen here: rock cannot be contained into a box.

One thing is 100% certain: TONIGHT, YOU WILL BE ROCKED.

See you there,
Dr. Tim Allen
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

A Flock of Tim Allen

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🎶Nov. 30: Box o’ Rocks, Roctors, mashup

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I’ll be performing with a mish-mosh of local bands including The Roctors, Box of Rocks, and Black Box Warning next Friday, November 30, 8pm ’til 12am, at The Island Grill in Fort Collins.

Some of the musicians are medical doctors, doctors of the law, and other local talent. See you there!

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— Timothy J. Allen
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

🎶Free Music Friday: The Roctors to Rock Windsor

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The Roctors perform this Friday, Sept. 21, 2018 in Windsor, CO. Open to the public. See you there!

Click here for details.

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You, too, can change the world: you don’t need to play trumpet or dissect a brain

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We all help the world in different ways. I suppose the special skill set I have to offer the universe includes quirky things like dissecting brains with kids, or attempting to rock the minds of adults. I try.

One of my fave causes is Boys & Girls Clubs, for they help young people — especially those who need us most — to become productive, caring, responsible beings.

Last weekend, KD & The Painkillers (a band I perform in) played at a fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County.

If you missed the show but would like to change the world by donating to BGCs of Larimer, click here.

Last spring, I dissected a brain with the kiddos at Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne:

At Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne, neurologist Dr. Tim Allen dissects a human brain

Image credit: Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne

If you missed the dissection but would like to change the world by donating to BGC of Cheyenne, click here.

Have a great day,
Dr. Tim Allen, MD
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

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🎶 Music therapy alert: my band’s performing on Aug. 31

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The Roctors has a show on Aug 31, 2018 in Windsor, CO. Open to the public. See you there!

Click here for details.

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🎶Tomorrow: Food Truck Rally

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Stop by the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally tomorrow! I’ll be performing with KD & The Painkillers from 5:30pm to dusk. Details here. See you there!

Sheldon Drive, City Park Fort Collins, Colorado

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Music therapy alert: 2 days away…

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The Roctors will be performing at The Whisk(e)y on Friday, June 8th, 8pm, in downtown Fort Collins. Are you ready to be rocked?

Throw on some dancing shoes, bring your friends, and enjoy a dose of music therapy!

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Pick a brain, literally: local youth to partake in human brain dissection

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I’m excited for my visit tomorrow at the CareerLaunch program of Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne. Here’s the news release:


Copyright-free, post-event images/video available for download here.
These images may be reproduced without permission.

CHEYENNE, Wyoming, May 22, 2018 – Local neurologist Dr. Tim Allen, MD from Neurology Specialists of the Rockies (NSR) will appear at Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne (BGCC) on Wednesday, May 23, 5:00pm – 6:00pm to discuss neurology, dissect a human brain and encourage careers in medicine.

“When kids see a real brain and can speak with a doctor in a down-to-earth manner, then the idea of a profession in medicine becomes a reality,” says Dr. Allen, who practices at NSR in Cheyenne.

Approximately 10-15 sixth and seventh-graders are expected to attend.

“If even one child’s interest is sparked to become a doctor after seeing my presentation at Boys & Girls Club, it’s a great thing for humanity, says Dr. Allen. “As an MD, they’ll impact thousands of lives.”

Dr. Allen will show samples of a male and female adult brain. He’ll discuss brain myths, neuroplasticity, the mental health/brain connection, and how to care for your brain.

His visit marks BGCC’s last CareerLaunch demonstration of the school year.

About the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne
Since opening in 1997, the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne has focused on inspiring and enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Program areas offered to youth include character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, computer training and sports/fitness/recreation opportunities. The Club provides afterschool and summer programming for youth ages 6-18. The annual fee for afterschool programming is only $10 per year. The Club’s main location and mailing address is 515 West Jefferson Road, Cheyenne, WY 82007 and The
Club at LCCC for senior high teens is located at Laramie County Community College, Center of Conferences and Institutes Building, Room 142. For more information, visit or call 307-778-6674.

About Dr. Allen
Dr. Allen provides compassionate care for adult and pediatric patients from Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and beyond. His integrated approach to healing includes music, art and animal-assisted therapies. As a member of The Roctors (a musical group comprised of doctors), Dr. Allen frequently plays charity benefits. This August, The Roctors will perform at a fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club of Larimer County. He is a co-
speaker for lobotomy survivor Howard Dully, who is a survivor of psychiatric abuse. Dr. Allen has been a neurologist since 1997 and has served nearly 10,000 patients. His practice, Neurology Specialists, is located at 2003 Bluegrass Circle, in Cheyenne. Dr. Allen’s newsletter is