Tonight! Box of Rocks… see you there!

Music therapy alert: Tonight I’ll perform with the band Box of Rocks at Island Grill from 8pm ’til 12am.

Maybe, just maybe, the Box of Rocks could maybe, just maybe, play, someday at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. That’d be quite the extraordinary journey, but only if we don’t stop believin’.

Until then, Box of Rocks will settle as being little pieces of gravel in the big pond of Fort Collins.

Dr. Anthony Doing, MD
Dr. Anthony Doing Van Halen

Which artists makeup the Box of Rocks, you ask?

There’s no quick way to answer that, for no stone will be left unturned; no rock star will be forgotten.

Drake Johnson
Drake Johnson Hendrix
Madonna K. Esslinger
Dr. EFlea Stevens
Lady Liz Stevens-Gaga

Box of Rocks is an alleged potpourri of performers (some, not all) from other doctorly bands including (but not limited to):

The Roctors
Black Box Warning
KD & The Painkillers
The Pop-torts
The Liabilties
The State Board Waterboarders
Peanut Butter & JAMA Sandwich
Out of Pocket, Into Rock It
The HIPPA Hoodwinks
Tempo Mandibular
Rock Hernia
The Scrubkleptics
Sharps Container A-Go-Go
Carpe Per Diem
The Copayer Haters
Page Against the Machine
Frankie Goes AMA

Dr. Lars Olsen Ulrich
Dr. Def Olsen Leppard

So many names. So many nicknames. So many members. So many factions.

Dr. Angus B. Peters

Listen here: rock cannot be contained into a box.

One thing is 100% certain: TONIGHT, YOU WILL BE ROCKED.

See you there,
Dr. Tim Allen
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

A Flock of Tim Allen

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