Here’s my killer recipe for homemade weedkiller

Roundup: what a downer! It contains toxins known to be harmful to pets and humans. Our brains don’t need that stuff.

Not to fear. Here’s a recipe for homemade herbicide. I use this mix all summer long.

It works great, is less expensive than commercial products, simple to make, and easy to apply.

Only 3 ingredients:

▪ 1 gallon white vinegar

▪ 12 ounces of white table salt (or Epsom salt)

▪ 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent

Mix and shake the ingredients in a plastic container, such as a spray bottle or pump sprayer, like this one:

Spray the solution onto weeds, covering the entire plant and roots. I suggest spraying it on sunny day, for the heat helps the mix stay stuck onto weeds.

If there’s a hearty rain, you’ll want to reapply the spray.

More details here.