Introducing Tucker, our newest therapy dog!

As my practice grows, so does my pack of therapy dogs. The newest member to join the gang is Tucker, a darling Golden Retreiver.

Tucker is six years old and loooves heavy petting from patients. His handler (dogmom) is Marsha Robinson from the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Tomorrow Tucker will be here at 11am to cheer up patients at my clinic, Neurology Specialists of the Rockies. He’ll also share smiles & joy with patients at Cheyenne Radiology Group (we’re located in the same building).

Thank you, Marsha, for volunteering your time to help brighten the days of patients, families, and caregivers… and our doctors, nurses, n’ staff, too.

Learn more about the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, here.

Petting is the best medicine,
Dr. Timothy J. Allen, MD
Neurology Specialists of the Rockies
2003 Bluegrass Circle
Cheyenne, WY 82009