Headache pain: it’s legit

Seeing stars? Seeing auras? Are you blinded by the light? Headache pain is a legitimate condition. I’m here to help.

June is Migraine & Headache Awareness Month — a perfect time to learn about the many ways to tackle migraines.

The newest thing to hit the scene is a cutting-edge preventative therapy called CGRP* (calcitonin gene-related peptide) inhibitors.

In simple terms, CGRPs are what give pep to the process of how a migraine happens in your body.

CGRP inhibitors pro-actively block a migraine’s pep rally before it ever morphs into a pain parade. In an interesting turn of events, suppressing pep has never been so spirited.

Other approaches to migraine relief include medications, complimentary/alternative medicine, nerve stimulators, and/or Botox injection therapy.

If you need help with migraines or headaches, feel free to schedule an appointment with me by contacting my office.


*More about CGRP.