Review: Gold’s Gym ‘Easy Does It’ class

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out the Easy Does It class taught by Jacque at Gold’s Gym in Cheyenne. Class description:

“Aerobic conditioning and resistance exercises are used to develop strength, endurance and flexibility. Highly recommended for seniors, those with disabilities or deconditioned individuals.”

My analysis of the class? Easy Does It doth easily pleases me.


1. It was a chillaxed chair-based workout, perfect for those coping with balance challenges.

2. Two thumbs to the enjoyable swing music of yesteryear.

3. Jacque was easy to understand and provided modifications for various exercises to accommodate people with different abilities.

4. Great camaraderie. Midway through class, members pause to share jokes amongst themselves. Laughter heals.

Final prescription

Easy Does It is a great fit for folks whom aspire to break free from being stagnant, and to get their muscles moving n’ blood pumping whilst surrounded by fine friends. Go for it! Click here for a schedule.

Thanks again to General Manager Jeronimo Provencio & Instructor Jacque from Gold’s Gym for providing this opportunity.

Vintage 45 record 'Easy Does It'
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