My partnership with Howard Dully, lobotomy survivor

My friend Howard Dully is a lobotomy survivor and motivational speaker. Howard’s astounding story of survival and resilience is here. His award-winning audio essay created such a stir in ’05 that it caused NPR’s servers to crash.

Please consider hiring Howard for a speaking engagement or interview for your university, school, business or group. Details here.

Last summer, Howard Dully partnered with me, so I may help explain the medical perspective of the lobotomy procedure he involuntarily underwent as a child.

In conjunction with Howard’s speaking presentation, I’m available to provide (free of charge) an overview of how lobotomy procedures of yesteryear affect brain anatomy and neurological functioning, including reviewing Howard’s modern-day brain scans. These are the only known brain scans of a living lobotomy survivor.

Buy Howard’s book here.

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